Enso, a trailblazer in modern silicone jewelry, teamed up with Enlisted Design for an exciting brand evolution. As a premium brand, Enso aimed to identify brand opportunities and redefine its strategic and visual identity. The results of our partnership led to a clearer brand position that resonated with their audience segments and a more inclusive brand personality.

Our approach focused on designing a visual identity that authentically captured and reflected the Enso brand and further resonated with its diverse audience. This involved reworking the brand’s mission, vision, and values, strategic consumer engagement, and creating a clear path for a refreshed visual identity, with vision boards guiding the exploration of various brand expressions. The results were clear with the successful 2023 web launch of the visual identity, showcasing a clear brand identity as well as personality. The work reflects the brand’s values of authenticity and inclusivity and positions Enso for further expansion.