Doncella (translating to maiden in English) is a specialty chocolate company from Oaxaca, Mexico. Doncella integrates the tale of El Pajaro Verde (The Green Bird), which ends with a maiden preparing a piece of chocolate to secure the love of a prince. Equivocally, Doncella is worthy of capturing even the most unattainable connoisseur’s heart.

Coming from the chocolate capital of Latin America, Doncella is unique in that it is made from local, premium cacao beans traditionally infused with cinnamon and almonds. In keeping with Oaxaca’s preferred ways of consuming chocolate, Doncella comes in the form of hot cocoa and mole (a sauce served over meat) in addition to chocolate bars.

Doncella wants to be perceived by its audiences as decadent, indigenous, enchanted, vibrant, and alluring.